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Buy Jaipuri Kurtis Wholesale Online From

Are you looking for Jaipuri Kurtis wholesale online shopping? Then, you are at the right place. We at Kapdathread provide Jaipuri Kurti dresses that are in a real sense very comfortable, elegant, and versatile and give a great look to Women’s attire. The description of a Jaipuri Kurti can be better described as a long, knee-length attire that is of ankle length used as a women’s garment and can be worn either with a churni or palazzo pants. Kapdathread provides a huge variety of sensual, feminine, and bold, plus size ranges of Jaipuri Kurti and also to make it look more ethnic. We also have a huge range of Jaipuri cotton Kurtis wholesale and Jaipuri cotton printed Kurtis wholesale.

We have different exquisite collections of Kurtis, suit sets, and loungewear available in many vibrant colours, rich fabrics, and luxe embellishments that come together to make a person feel dazzled and confident. It is sensual, feminine, and bold. We have a plus-size range of Kurti that is all about making ethnic wear fun again. We have a variety of clothes available at our store ranging from cotton Kurti and party wear Kurtis to stunning loungewear pieces and festive wear.

The Rising Trend And Demand For Jaipuri Kurtis

It is simple and basic economics, the demand-supply ratio affects the price of a commodity. When something is produced more than the demand, the price for the good goes down owing to the excess supply and low demand. This, however, has to be seen differently in the case of Jaipuri Kurtis as the demand for them is never-ending. However, since it is produced in bulk in the region the price for the commodity is less in comparison to other parts of the country.
To battle this scenario, manufacturers try to attract buyers with goods of better quality resulting in the production of cheap but quality goods. Consumers get the best quality products for the best price which makes them happy and the same goes for the sellers, the goodwill in turn generates more sales resulting in more cash flow for the businesses to grow and produce better goods.

Our Range of Wholesale Jaipuri Kurtis

1. Long Jaipuri Kurtis
A long Kurti for girls is elegant, comfortable, gorgeous and looks stunning for every occasion. As for business attire, long Kurti dresses for women have minimal prints and neutral colours. Meanwhile, at parties and celebrations, a stylish kurta with a palazzo design can make you attract attention from blind eyes. At Kapdathread for Women, you have many options to choose from in various Kurti lengths. Red long Kurti for women is available in various designs and silhouettes. Long tops with front slits, skirted tops, and long sleeves as well as long tops and square models are some of the most popular designs. Moreover, these Kurti designs for Jaipur Kurti are available in cotton, silk, georgette, rayon, muslin, velvet, etc. Made from beautiful fabrics.

2. Heavy Jaipuri Kurtis
Heavy Embroidery Jaipuri Kurtis are like the cherry on top of your wardrobe. Beautifully handcrafted embroidery can elevate your whole look. Kapdathread offers a vast collection of embroidered kurtas for women. There are different types of embroidered Kurtis online.
You can find zari embroidered Kurtis, thread embroidered Kurtis, chikankari Kurtis,  mirror embroidery Kurtis and kurtas and more on our website in wholesale. If you’re going for a casual outing, opt for light embroidered Kurtis and heavy embroidered Kurtis for festivals and weddings. These embroidered kurtas come in different sizes and length variations too. You can find long embroidered Kurtis and embroidered short Kurtis and even asymmetrical embroidered Kurtis.
3. Fitted Jaipuri Kurtis

Kapdathread’s form-fitting Jaipuri Kurtis adds style and vibrancy to traditional Indian fashion. These Kurtis are inspired by the rich heritage of the city of Jaipur, known for its colourful culture. Kapdathread’s form-fitting Jaipuri Kurtis adds style and vibrancy to traditional Indian fashion. These Kurtis are inspired by the rich heritage of the city of Jaipur, known for its colourful culture and beautiful craftsmanship.
These Kurtis often have intricate hand prints or embroidery that show off the beautiful skills of local artisans. They come in a variety of colours and patterns and reflect the essence of Jaipur’s art and culture. Form-fitting Jaipuri Kurtis are not only stylish but also comfortable, making them a versatile choice for any occasion, from going out to celebrations. Kapdathread is committed to preserving traditional handicrafts and bringing the face of Rajasthan to modern fashion through elegant Kurtis.
4. Flared Jaipuri Kurtis

The Jaipuri Kurtis is an indispensable stylish piece for women. With countless options available online, Kapdathread Kurti allows women to choose the best. From sunny summers to cold winters, women’s loose dresses always attract attention. The flared Kurtis fitted bodice and flowing hemline make it the perfect wraparound fit. Whether you want a long-flared Kurtis or a short-flared Kurtis, we are here for you.
Jaipur is the best place to buy flared kurtis for women. Whether you are attending a special party, going out or just want to feel perfect, feminine and gorgeous, flared Kurti is your choice. A flared dress is a bridge between elegance and a playful silhouette.

5. Jaipuri Kurtis with dupatta
Jaipuri Kurtis with dupatta from Kapdathread is a perfect blend of traditional as well as modern sides. The clothes combine the charm of Jaipur’s cultural heritage with a modern sense of fashion.
Inspired by the beautiful beauty of the Pink City, Jaipuri Kurti often features hand-embroidered prints, embroideries or tie-dye techniques that reflect the artistic beauty of the region. This outfit is paired with a dupatta for a complete and beautiful look. The dupatta adds an extra layer of elegance and its matching patterns or colours highlight the beauty of the Kurti. Whether it’s a casual day or a special occasion, Kapdathread’s Jaipuri Kurtis paired with dupattas is a versatile choice for those who like combining traditional Indian wear with designer outfits.

6. Backless Jaipuri Kurtis
Kapdathread’s backless Jaipuri Kurtis is a bold and charming option to take on traditional Indian fashion. The striking feature of these Kurtis is the bold backless design that adds a touch of sexiness and modernity to the classic silhouette. These are often incorporated into the same handwork, embroidery or batik work that Jaipur fashion is famous for, ensuring a good balance between tradition and style.
Backless Jaipuri Kurtis is a statement of confidence and style, perfect for special occasions and events where you want to leave a lasting impression. Kapdathread’s Kurti collection offers a unique and stylish choice for those who want to express themselves and appreciate the beautiful work of India.

7. Red Jaipuri Kurtis
The colour red is seen as the colour of adoration, devotion, passion, and zeal. Women across India favour the colour for its traditional and aesthetical values. Kapdathread incorporates this magnificent colour in the collection of red Kurti for women. This exquisite collection includes red bandhani Kurti, red long Kurti, red Kurti cotton, red chikan Kurti, and more.
The stunning selection includes a red Kurti design in different shapes and silhouettes. These Kurtis can be styled with palazzos, shararas, skirts, or pants from Kapdathread. Moreover, these red-coloured Kurtis are created by artisans and designers using luxurious fabrics like cotton, silk, georgette, and more. Grab the most alluring red colour Kurti for women by Kapdathread where you will find a wholesale price. Style a gorgeous red Kurti with jeans for a chic and classy look.

8. Pink Jaipuri Kurtis
Pink Kurti for women is the most elegant choice. Pink is a soothing colour often associated with adoration, feminity, and compassion. The darker hues of pink are calming, whereas the brighter shades stimulate Joy. Kapdathread chooses this vibrant shade to create a range of pink jaipuri Kurtis. A cotton Kurtis for women in the colour pink works perfectly with the hot Indian weather. Silk and velvet pink Kurtis are perfect for winter because of their plush texture. A pink sleeveless Kurti is ideal for a day out with friends. Explore the collection of Pink Kurtis by Kapdathread and pick your favourites.
Crafted from the most luxurious fabrics like silk, velvet, cotton, muslin, georgette, and rayon, these Kurtis feature intricate details. Bold Prints, Beautiful patterns, trendy cuts, and chic designs are some of the features of our Pink Kurti collection. These Pink Kurtas can be styled for any event or occasion.

9. Green Jaipuri Kurtis
At Kapdathread we have a bulk of collections. The green colour is a very refreshing colour that can brighten up your ethnic closet instantly. Our designers have crafted a range of green Jaipuri Kurti sets from dark green hues to refreshing mint green hues. These colour options not only complement all types of skin tones but also exude serenity and calmness. You can shop for the latest green kurti designs from our ethnic wear set collection.
Our green Jaipuri Kurtis women’s collection consists of all types of silhouettes. A green Jaipuri Kurti set includes a beautiful green kurti set with a dupatta of matching colour or contrasting. Kapdathread offers a wide range of trendy and beautiful green suits for women in wholesale. If you want to shop for a dark green suit combination, plain green suit designs, or a bright green Kurti, Kapdathread has got you covered!

10. Black Jaipuri Kurtis
Simple latest black Kurtis is timeless and classic. These can be styled for any occasion and look stunning. A plain black Kurti with a dupatta and accessories makes for a great party outfit. Kapdathread offers an expansive range of simple black Kurti designs for all occasions. End your search for a plain black Kurti design and a plain black long Kurti design with Jaipur Kurti.

11. White Jaipuri Kurtis
White Kurtis are the purest form of serenity and can make your outfit shine! Explore various free Kurti designs and transform your ethnic wear now. You can have stylish white Kurti designs in different styles and silhouettes. From plain white Kurtis to designer white Kurtis, these Kurtis are made from quality fabrics. You can style white Kurtis for all kinds of events.
While a white Anarkali Kurti with embroidery will look gorgeous at a wedding party, a white Kurti paired with jeans is suitable for such outings. Fabric is the most important thing when choosing your daily clothes. At Kapdathread white Kurti for women is made of quality cotton, silk, silk blend, rayon, Chanderi and more.

12. Golden Jaipuri Kurtis
Dazzle everyone with your dazzling beauty in this beautiful kurta from Kapdathread wholesale collection. Its elegant appearance and new designs especially for women are perfect for adding ethnic style. Perfect for both casual and business wear. Perfect for any occasion. This kurta set for women is lightweight and soft on the skin. This Kurti comes in pastel colors and is made of cotton so it will give you a new look to any event, party or any event.

13. Silver  Jaipuri Kurtis
Silver Jaipuri Kurtis are usually made from lightweight and breathable fabrics such as cotton, silk or chiffon. Silver Cotton Kurtis are popular for their comfort, especially in hot weather.
What makes these Kurtis special is the combination of hand printing and embroidery work. They usually have different patterns and floral patterns. These designs are traditionally made using wooden blocks and natural colours, giving a beautiful feel to each piece. Silver Jaipuri Kurtis are available in a variety of necklines including round, V-neck and keyhole neck designs. They can have straight or A-line silhouettes and are suitable for both casual and formal occasions. Kapdathread sells in bulk at an affordable price.

14. Pastel Jaipuri Kurtis
Pastel is a versatile colour, which makes pastel Kurtis a timeless classic. Kurtis are a very common Indian war style for women. Women of every age wear Kurti almost every day in India. Kapdathread offers a plethora of silhouettes of pastel Kurtis for women. These Kurtis can be styled for different occasions.
Crafted with premium quality fabrics, our pastel Jaipuri Kurtis come in a wide range of designs and silhouettes. Whether you’re planning for a wedding or casual wardrobe, our pastel ethnic dresses can elevate your style instantly. Our yellow Kurti designs are exclusively made by local artisans. These pastel Jaipuri Kurtis for women can be paired with multiple bottoms like pants, palazzos, skirts, and more. You can even carry a statement look by styling pastel  Kurti combinations.

15. Jaipuri Kurtis in Combination Colour
At Kapdathread, you can find various shades and hues in Jaipur Kurtis with colour combinations. These Kurtis usually display different colours or a combination of different colours and are decorated using techniques such as block printing, batik and hand embroidery. The use of bright and bold colours is the hallmark of Jaipuri Kurtis, making them perfect for festive occasions as well as formal wear.
Not only stylish but also comfortable, these Kurtis are usually made from breathable fabrics like cotton. They come in different lengths and styles to suit different tastes. The vibrant colours and intricate designs of Jaipuri Kurtis combine to reflect the rich heritage and artistic style of Rajasthan.
We Have Jaipuri Kurtis For All Occasions

  • Jaipuri Kurtis For Festivals

Our festive clothes will make sure you steal the limelight. Made in premium fabrics, these festive dresses feature embroideries and embellishments. From straight and A-line festive Jaipuri Kurtis to twirl-ready Jaipuri Kurtis, you can get everything from Kapdathread. Shop the versatile range of Jaipuri Kurtis for festivals. Get ready to set the mood in our festive wear Jaipuri Kurtis. Apart from puja mornings to dinner parties, festivals are much bigger.

  • Jaipuri Kurtis For Weddings

Women's ethnic wear Kurti sets have always been in trend, and there is no denying their comfort and style. As we know Indian fashion is all about experimenting with different prints, patterns, and colours. From floral to abstract prints, Kurti sets come in a range of designs to choose from. One of the popular styles this season is the fusion kurta sets, which feature a blend of traditional and modern designs. These ethnic wear online shopping comes with a unique blend of patterns and prints that make them perfect for any occasion.

  • Jaipuri Kurtis For Engagements

Kapdathread Jaipuri Kurtis are a perfect choice for casual wear. They are known for their bright colours and distinctive designs. When choosing a Jaipuri Kurti for engagement, consider the colour theme of the event and your personal style. Bright colours like red, dark blue or dark green are popular choices. For a stylish and traditional look, look for Kurtis with traditional Rajasthani prints or embroidery. You can pair the Kurti with tights or a skirt and traditional jewellery to complete the outfit.

  • Jaipuri Kurtis For Parties

In the changing fashion world, finding the best quality party wear Jaipuri Kurtis can take time and effort. With the Kapdathread, this is not the case. We have all the categories of women’s Jaipuri Kurtis in wholesale sorted for you. From designer party wear Jaipuri Kurtis to party wear simple Jaipuri Kurtis with heavy dupatta you can get everything here.

  • Jaipuri Kurtis For Other Occasions

A Jaipuri Kurti is something that is opted for a variety of occasions. If you want to wear a Kurti for a formal occasion, you can prefer a Kurti in solid colour preferably in white or cream designed with minimal embroidery or embellishments. You can pair it with pants, palazzos, or a skirt which should give a matching look. We have all kinds of Jaipuri Kurtis that are suitable for different occasions.

Buy Jaipuri Kurtis From Our Kapdathread Website In Bulk

If you want to buy Jaipuri Kurtis in bulk, we offer an excellent range of Jaipur Kurtis, showcasing the rich and vibrant heritage of traditional Jaipur handicrafts. Whether you are a retailer, boutique owner, or simply a fashion lover looking for quality products, our wholesale platform is your one-stop source for quality and affordable products.
We attempt to give the best to our clients and break the negative myth attached to the goods sold online by providing the best services that are expected from a wholesale business hosted online. We continue to enhance our innovation and item assortment in the Jaipuri Kurti wholesale collection online to guarantee that the materials are from the most magnificent backgrounds before reaching retailers and affiliates connecting with us.
At Kapdathread, we offer comfort with style and ensure that we provide modern designs of Jaipuri kurtis online that will reflect your own personal taste and essence with a trendy and up-to-date fashion statement. come and explore our gorgeous catalogue of kurtis to celebrate the essence of Indian roots with our popular manufacturers of Jaipuri kurtis. we’ve fancy jaipuri kurtis, flared kurtis, branded kurtis, and much more that will captivate your heart at just one glance.

Why Choose Kapdathread To Buy Jaipuri Kurtis Wholesale?

  • Best Quality Material

Our clothes are made with the best material, apparels are 20% about their design and 80% about their fabric. At websitWholesalee catalogue, you get kurtis made from the best quality of the said fabric, whether it is silk, cotton, georgette, satin, Etc.
Wide Variety Of Wholesale Kurtis
Kapdathread websites often offer a wide range of Jaipuri Kurtis in different designs, colours, and sizes, allowing you to choose from a diverse selection.

  • Best Kurtis At Wholesale Price

Many wholesale platforms offer tiered pricing, with greater discounts for larger orders, enabling you to maximize your savings. Buying in bulk typically results in lower per-unit costs, helping you save money compared to purchasing individual pieces.

  • Easy Website Interface

We have provided an amazing and easy-to-use UI for clients that is very minimalistic. One can easily find a variety of filters to apply, sorting kurtis and apparel by price, fabric, brand, size etc. and to contact us, all the details and direct links are pinned right on the top of our website.

  • Trusted Dealer Of Wholesale Kurtis

Working with a trusted dealer ensures that you receive quality products and reliable service.

  • Free shipping

Many wholesale websites offer free shipping, which further reduces your overall expenses.
Book Bulk Jaipuri Kurtis from us
Kapdathread offers an exquisite collection of bulk Jaipuri Kurtis that captivates the essence of traditional Indian fashion. Our selection showcases the intricate craftsmanship and vibrant aesthetics that Jaipur is renowned for. Each Kurti exudes a blend of elegance and cultural richness, making it a perfect choice for those seeking stylish, yet culturally rooted attire.
With a wide range of designs, patterns, and colour palettes to choose from, Kapdathread caters to diverse tastes and preferences. Whether you’re looking for Kurtis for personal wear or to stock up your store, our collection is a testament to the timeless charm of Jaipuri fashion. Shopping from Kapdathread is not just a purchase; it’s an immersion into the colourful world of Jaipur's sartorial heritage.


About Jaipuri Kurtis

1. What makes Jaipuri kurtis so special?

Answer: Jaipuri kurtis are stylish, and comfortable, and can instantly transform any look. Plus, they come in vibrant colors and are made of high-quality fabric, so you can be sure you're getting your money's worth.

2. Where can I find Jaipuri kurtis at wholesale prices?

Answer: At, you can find a wide range of Jaipuri kurtis at wholesale prices. Our collection includes the latest designs in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes, so you're sure to find something to suit your taste.

3. What type of fabrics are used for Jaipuri kurtis?

Answer: Jaipuri kurtis are made with high-quality fabrics such as cotton, silk, and georgette, ensuring a perfect fit. Every kurti is carefully crafted to last long and keep the wearer feeling comfortable throughout the day.

4. How much do Jaipuri kurtis cost?

Answer: The Jaipuri kurtis offered at are very affordable, starting from as low as INR 500. They also offer great discounts on selected items to make your shopping experience better.

5. Is a reliable online store for Jaipuri Kurtis?

Answer: Yes, is a renowned online store for Jaipuri Kurtis, offering a wide range of styles and designs. Their collection of Jaipuri Kurtis includes a variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics to suit different occasions. They also offer fast and reliable delivery services, making your shopping experience even more convenient.